Ideas for Establishing Joy in Healthcare Work

Joy in Work, a framework by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, states an essential part of mitigating burnout and turnover, especially during these challenging times, is to focus on restoring joy to the health care workforce.

The framework is excellent, but the real art is in implementation. Starting with asking: “What matters to you?” organizations can discover why people come to work each day, the things that drive them, and inhibit that natural intrinsic motivation. 

Each week the QI team reveals a new element for discussion.

One idea that stands out is called “15s30m” a social movement from the UK to establish joy in work. The concept is QI to help identify how spending a small amount of extra time —just 15 seconds—on a task now will save someone else 30 minutes or more later. These tasks are called missions and using this practice can help reduce frustration and increase joy.

Looking for more ideas? Launch a mission

Mission Pack can help. Remember to think TARDIS (start Today, add A little extra time, Reduce frustration, you Don’t need permission to do it, it Increases joy and is easy to Share) to get inspired when coming up with a good 15s30m mission. Be sure to check their YouTube channel or their 15s30m 100 mission list for some simple ideas.