Improving quality of care in hospitals

We are part of national initiatives to improve care for people with Medicare while reducing provider burden. We are committed to working with hospitals to help accelerate change and attain significant, sustainable improvements in care systems.

While our work is funded under two contracts (IPRO QIN-QIO and IPRO HQIC), we aligned our resources and support to provide participating hospitals a streamlined experience to reduce burden.

We offer customized, data-driven, targeted technical assistance to meet the unique needs of your hospital; and as the largest Medicare QIN-QIO in the country, IPRO brings vast knowledge of care coordination and emergency preparedness to the HQIC effort.

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What we’ll accomplish together

Whether you’re a new partner or a community of care coalition member, we offer tools, education, and data to maximize impact and reduce provider burden. Together, we’ll focus on accelerating your efforts to reduce all cause harm and achieve CMS’ quality goals.

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