HQIC Antibiotic Stewardship Workgroup: Clostridioides difficile Module

Video: A C. Difficile Patient Survivor Story

Video interview with a nurse describing her own C.  difficile survival story. The story includes a first-person accounting of her yearlong hospitalization, the impact of antibiotic therapy, prevention of C. difficile and the long-term effects of this devastating antibiotic adverse event.

Antibiotic Stewardship: C. difficile – This summary document includes content to augment the C difficile patient video story. It includes CDC links, references for patient education and information related to patient diaries.

Download a Table of Contents to locate specific sections of the Patient Survivor Story video.

Clips from A C. Difficile Patient Survivor Story

Clip 1: Reflections on loneliness and isolation

Clip 2: The value of a patient diary

Clip 3: Strategies that might have prevented the severity of this illness

Clip 4: Additional preventative strategies

Clip 5: Feeling disconnected and unable to communicate