HQIC Antibiotic Stewardship Workgroup: Clostridioides difficile Module

Video: A C. Difficile Patient Survivor Story

Video interview with a nurse describing her own C. difficile survival story. The story includes a first-person accounting of her yearlong hospitalization, the impact of antibiotic therapy, prevention of C. difficile and the long-term effects of this devastating antibiotic adverse event.

Antibiotic Stewardship: C. difficile – This summary document includes content to augment the C. difficile patient video story. It includes CDC links, references for patient education and information related to patient diaries.

C. difficile Resource Summary

C. difficile Testing Protocol

Checklist for C. difficile Orders

C. difficile Process Discovery Tool

CDI Best Practices Checklist

Download a Table of Contents to locate specific sections of the Patient Survivor Story video.

Clips from A C. Difficile Patient Survivor Story

Clip 1: Reflections on loneliness and isolation

Clip 2: The value of a patient diary

Clip 3: Strategies that might have prevented the severity of this illness

Clip 4: Additional preventative strategies

Clip 5: Feeling disconnected and unable to communicate

General Education/Review of C. difficile

C. diff: The Gift that Keeps on Giving – December 9, 2021 – YouTube