Health Equity Updates: July Newsletter

View the latest hospital health equity news, events, and tools to support your efforts in eliminating health care disparities within your health system and communities.

What’s inside?

  • HHS Awards $250M to Fight COVID-19 and Improve Health Literacy
  • A New Guide on Universal Screening for Health-Related Social Needs
  • VacciNATION: Inspiring Stories on the National COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Out
  • Identifying and Addressing Social Needs in Primary Care Settings
  • Join the Age Friendly Health Systems Action Community
  • Telehealth Patient Resource Available in 6 New Languages
  • HHS to Enforce Non-Discrimination Provisions of ACA to Reverse Anti-LGBTQIA+ Healthcare Policy
  • July is Minority Mental Health Month
  • Federal Programs Available to Provide Assistance during COVID
  • Health Equity Webinar Materials
  • Upcoming IPRO Events and Monthly Observances