Webinar on June 23: COVID-19 Update: Vaccines, Variants, Hesitancy, and Masks

Wednesday, June 23, 3-4PM EDT

Registration is required to attend this event.

Audience: Healthcare providers, stakeholders, and community partners

Join Telligen for a webinar titled, “COVID-19 Update: Vaccines, Variants, Hesitancy, and Masks” on Wednesday, June 23, from 3-4PM EDT.

Telligen is offering this webinar to support the Biden Administration’s goal to have 70% of U.S. adults vaccinated by July 4.

Their speaker, Dr. Anuj Mehta, is a pulmonary and critical care physician at Denver Health and Hospital Authority. He will provide a COVID-19 update covering vaccines, variants, hesitancy, and mask use. Dr. Mehta will provide answers to the following questions:

  • Vaccines – Where are we 6 months later?
  • Variants – How worried should we be?
  • Hesitancy – What is driving it and how can we address it?
  • Masks – Could I be more confused?

Dr. Mehta holds adjunct appointments at National Jewish Health and the University of Colorado. He served as the Chair of the Colorado Governor’s Expert Emergency Epidemic Response Committee (GEEERC) Medical Advisory Group on COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation.