IPRO HQIC Event on March 29: All-Cause Harm Launch

March 29, 11AM-12PM EDT

The IPRO HQIC’s patient safety and performance improvement team leaders facilitated a virtual launch, the first of many interactive discussions, on All-Cause Harm prevention. Hospitals came away with an understanding of how the IPRO HQIC will support hospital in patient safety through the next four years and left with a new, easily-digestible resource to support efforts in All-Cause Harm prevention.

During this webinar, the IPRO HQIC covered the following information:

  • Explained the concept of All-Cause Harm prevention (inclusive of acute care patient safety, health equity, patient and family engagement and high reliability)
  • Provided a new resource that helps small and CAH hospitals understand the processes it takes to prevent All-Cause Harm
  • Offered open, interactive discussion with small and CAH hospitals to better understand their most time-sensitive needs in ensuring a continued focus of All-Cause Harm in the current environment.

Webinar Materials