Health Equity Updates: January Newsletter

Check out the latest health equity news, health observances, events, and resources supporting the IPRO QIN-QIO efforts to eliminate health disparities for Medicare beneficiaries.

What’s inside?

  • AHRQ 2019 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report
  • HHS OMH Announces New Initiative to Address Hypertension
  • New E&M Coding Guidelines Account for Patients’ Social Risks
  • New CMS Organ Donation Rule May Improve Health Equity
  • Health Equity Webinar Materials
  • CMS OMH Minority Grant Research Program
  • Social Isolation: Meeting the Social Needs of Older Adults in Rural Areas
  • Flu Disparities Among Racial & Ethnic Minority Groups
  • Upcoming Events & Call for Papers
  • More on Health Equity …