PFAC Steering Committee

Meet our Steering Committee! Committee members guide the creation and execution of current IPRO PFAC initiatives.

Deneen Williams is a Patient and Family Advisor because she knows firsthand what it’s like to be a patient needing critical care.

Ten years ago, the dual-entrepreneur had to be re-hospitalized because of a life threatening infection after routine surgery. Three months later, she was able to go home, but the long-term impact of that experience inspired her to give back to the health care community.

David Andrews

David Andrews is a retired professor who has been involved in PFAC work for 15 years, working with more than 40 local and national organizations. In his many years doing this work, he’s contributed to everything from waiting room design and initiatives that ease patients transitioning from hospitals to homes.

He was inspired to get involved after experiencing extremely long wait times while receiving care from his local teaching hospital. After commenting on it numerous times, he was surprised to get answers that never took account of the patient view. Andrews wrote an email to the hospital CEO and, although he didn’t expect to hear anything back, he was asked to join their Patient Advisory Council.

Andrews appreciates the structural challenges the health care system faces, but emphasizes that even little changes can make a big difference for patient’s experience getting care.

Dr. Peggy Crawford has a lifetime of experience in the health care field. She trained as a nurse but eventually earned a Ph.D. in psychology to build onto her desire to support patient health and wellness. Dr. Crawford has devoted her career to helping people of all ages and their care partners deal with the impact of living and managing chronic health conditions. However, when her husband, considered one of the pioneers of pediatric psychology, became ill with cancer, she experienced a new view of the healthcare system.

Dr. Crawford contributes her insight into everything from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) tools for patients to palliative care workgroups. Her perspective as an expert and patient advocate has been valuable to Healthcentric Advisors and many other organizations over the years. We’re honored to have her as a part of the IPRO QIN-QIO Patient & Family Advisory steering committee.