Saluting the Physicians Who Support the IPRO QIN-QIO

IPRO QIN-QIO is grateful for the support of many physicians who collaborate with us on a variety of impactful projects.

Among these dedicated professionals is Dr. Vicky Parikh, a highly experienced and accomplished internal medicine physician currently serving as the Executive Director of Population Health and Clinical Research at MedStar Shah Medical Group. In this role, Dr. Parikh is responsible for directing and coordinating all population health initiatives, providing valuable guidance, and overseeing all programs to ensure alignment with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Dr. Parikh is well-respected and possesses a wealth of experience in healthcare management, clinical research, and patient care, making him an invaluable resource to the IPRO QIN-QIO. Dr. Parikh has graciously dedicated his time and knowledge to participating in multiple panels and interviews, sharing best practices with other medical practices to help enhance care delivery and improve the quality of care for all patients.