Responding to the July 2022 Eastern Kentucky Flooding

Responding to the July 2022 Eastern Kentucky Flooding

Last summer, residents of Eastern Kentucky experienced the unimaginable as torrential rains caused massive flooding, swept away cars and homes, and claimed 45 lives. At the center of the tragedy was Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH).

Alliant Health Solutions and IPRO held a webinar on Wednesday, September 20 in which ARH representatives shared their experiences and lessons learned. Listeners joined to hear the representatives’ stories of courage, compassion, and resilience as they continue to support patients, employees, and the community at large in recovery and rebuilding.

  • Event Objectives:
    • Understand the impact of geography, culture, and socio-economic status on planning and managing event response and community resiliency.
    • Recognize the value of leveraging relationships and innovative approaches to event management.
    • Identify strategies for collaborating with community partners through an extended recovery period.

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