IPRO Partner Shares Ways to Address Structural Inequities to Improve Patient Safety

Partnerships are key to IPRO’s efforts to promote health equity.  We are fortunate to collaborate with healthcare and community leaders who are passionate about ensuring equitable care for everyone. One of those partners is Milagros Abreu, MD, MPH, Executive Director, President and Founder of the Latino Health Insurance Program. Dr. Abreu founded LHIP to help reduce barriers faced by low-income and non- or limited English proficient minorities in Massachusetts who are trying to access and navigate the health care system. Dr. Abreu is one of four experts who shared her thoughts on ways to address structural inequities to improve patient safety for the Betty Lehman Center for Patient Safety.  Dr. Abreu discussed the importance of engaging members of all communities so their voices are represented in the creation of solutions to improve health outcomes and address disparities. This includes respecting cultural and communication needs, components of the National CLAS Standards. We encourage you to read more about the actions Dr. Abreu shared on improving patient safety.