The Top 10 Deficiencies

IPRO recently held a fast moving, informative experience that explores the Top 10 Deficiencies with tips and ideas for quality Improvement.

Through brief, 30 minute sessions, attendees could:

  • Explore each of the top 10 deficiencies.
  • Learn the elements of each deficiency and how they manifest.
  • Discover quality improvement strategies to mitigate your risk.

If you missed the presentation, download the information now!

Session 1: F0884 NHSN ReportingDownload Presentation
Session 2: F0689 Free of AccidentsDownload Presentation
Session 3: F0080 Infection PreventionDownload Presentation
Session 4: F0684 Quality of CareDownload Presentation
Session 5: 50812 Food Storage/Prep/ServeDownload Presentation
Session 6: F0656 Dev/Imp Comp Care PlansDownload Presentation
Session 7: F0677 ADL CareDownload Presentation
Session 8: F0761 Label/Store Drugs BiologicalsDownload Presentation
Session 9: F0686 Pressure UlcersDownload Presentation
Session 10: F0609 Reporting Alleged ViolationsDownload Presentation