IPRO QIN-QIO Presents: ‘From Booster Shots to Bouncing Back,’ a Webinar Series

A possible solution to the challenge of workforce retention is to make sure that staff enjoy their work. But it goes further than just staff satisfaction levels. There is a consistent association between organizations with a positive workplace culture and better clinical outcomes. In short, it is the single biggest indicator of patient safety and outcomes.

Each week, we will share actionable information on a specific topic related to the unique workforce challenges within long-term care. Every Tuesday, join us for a 30-minute webinar. On Wednesday, we repeat the webinar with a subject matter expert moderator to answer questions. On Thursday, bring your challenges and success stories to share with your peers during office hours.

SessionTopicLive Presentation:
Tuesday at Noon ET
After Hours Replay:
Wednesday at 3:30
pm ET
IP3 Office Hours
Infection Prevention by an Infection Preventionist for
Infection Preventionists
Thursday at 11:00
am ET
1- Week of 4/11From Booster Blitz to Bouncing BackSlides
2- Week of 4/1815s30mSlides
3- Week of 4/25The 4 StepsSlides
4- Week of 5/2Psychological PPESlides
5- Week of 5/9Creating an Environment that Fosters Safe CommunicationRegister HereRegister HereRegister Here
6- Week of 5/16Measuring JoyRegister HereRegister HereRegister Here
7- Week of 5/23Cultivating Wellness and ResilienceRegister HereRegister HereRegister Here