Complete the Opioid & Pain Management Self-Assessment

An important focus of our work is spreading strategies for implementing opioid and pain management best practices.

We are opening up our self-assessment to new initiative participants. If you’ve completed this assessment in the past, you do not need to complete this version.

Complete the Assessment

Who should complete this self-assessment?

Please identify and forward this assessment to the best person in your organization to complete it. 

For hospitals: Usually, the Director of Pharmacy, a Clinical Pharmacist or the lead of an opioid committee/workgroup.

For other facilities: Opioid committee, workgroup, or Director of Nursing or Quality.

What do I get after completing the assessment?

After completing the initial assessment, you will receive aggregate results by care setting. We’ll be collecting quarterly updates to identify improvement areas we can help you with, capture new best practice strategies, and share ongoing aggregate results with you.

What if I already responded to it?

You might have received this same opportunity from your quality improvement point of contact. If you responded to the assessment, you do not need to complete it again. Thank you for completing it! 

Thank you for your partnership

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Myrka, Senior Director, Drug Safety at IPRO QIN-QIO.

We need your help! Please share this request with your partners across the community.