Health Equity Updates: September Newsletter

View the latest hospital health equity news, events, and tools to support your efforts in eliminating health care disparities within your health system and communities.

What’s inside?

  • Communicating About FDA Approval to Build COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence
  • Biden-Harris Administration Invest over $19 Million to Expand Telehealth in Rural & Underserved
  • Areas
  • Bringing Heat & Light: A Health Equity Guide for Transformation & Accountability
  • Building Skills for Anti-Racism Work: Supporting the Journey of Hearts, Minds, and Action
  • Innovative Approaches to Addressing SDOH for Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries
  • Commonwealth Fund Report: U.S. Ranks Last in Several Key Measures
  • Health Observances
  • Health Equity Webinars and Events
  • Monthly Observances