Webinar on Sept 8: The Hidden Truth About Emotional Exhaustion and COVID

September 8, 1-2PM EDT

Burnout in healthcare has made headlines, but the data tell a more nuanced story. Although some healthcare workers have experienced crippling emotional exhaustion, others have felt more empowered. Safe & Reliable Healthcare has been measuring culture and engagement within healthcare since they developed the first culture survey for healthcare, SAQ in the 1990s with Dr. Bryan Sexton. For the past seven years Safe & Reliable Healthcare has been measuring culture and well-being within healthcare with the latest culture survey, SCORE.

Register for this engaging webinar where you can hear more about our experience exploring survey data from the healthcare industry that quantifies the disparities across role, race, and region.

This webinar is a preview of one of the breakout presentations at the upcoming Advancing Care Conference, brought to you by AHA Team Training. Learn more about the October 4-6 conference in Chicago.

Webinar Presenters

Bryan Sexton, PhD
Director of the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality, and Associate Professor
Duke University Health System, Duke University; Department of Psychiatry.

Allan Frankel, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Safe & Reliable Healthcare

Joshua Proulx, BSEE
Chief Data Officer
Safe & Reliable Healthcare

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