IPRO QIN-QIO Video Series: Nursing Home Naloxone Best Practices

Our team of experts dedicated to Improving Behavioral Health and Appropriate Opioid Use meet regularly with health providers in our 11 states and the District of Columbia, to share and learn best practices for Opioid Use and Pain Management in their care settings. View the full webinar to learn more.

Part 1: American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Opioid Stewardship Toolkit

In this video, you’ll see an excerpt from our meetings presented by Stacey Ranucci, Director of Clinical Pharmacy, Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation/Integra Community Care Network, and Robert C. Accetta, President, Rivercare Rx Consulting.

Part 2: Assessing for Opioid Overdose & Naloxone Experience

In this video, you’ll see an excerpt from one of our meetings presented by Laura Wischnowsky, Director of Education and Health Information, Health Concepts, Ltd. and Crystal Brown, Director of Nursing Services, Morgan Health Center.