New Program Announcement: Operation Expanded Testing

Federally-Funded COVID-19 Testing Program

What is Operation Expanded Testing?

Operation Expanded Testing is a program supported and funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide COVID-19 testing to qualifying group settings such as K-12 schools, congregate living facilities, prisons, and more at no cost to the organization. This program is being run by Affinity Empowering on behalf of Eurofins, a Clinical Enterprise company. Participation in this program is simple for qualifying organizations and helps them stay safer against the risk of COVID-19.  

Participants in this program will receive:

  • Flexible testing experiences and the ability to adjust testing plans as needed
  • Testing at no cost to the qualifying organization such as underserved populations, congregate settings, and more.
  • Confidence in having a plan to rapidly identify and limit the spread of COVID-19
  • Easily and quickly implemented processes built on industry best practices and informed by years of experience.
  • Timely notification of test results.
  • A sense of wellness and security for individuals and staff.

Questions? Contact Operation Expanded Testing: