Webinar on March 24: Alaska Native Traditional Foods Movement Webinar

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Traditional foods are an integral part of Alaska Native culture. The gathering, hunting, preserving, and eating of traditional foods is more than just a diet – it’s a way of life.

Traditional foods offer nutritious meals that provide physical and healing benefits. They also provide comfort and a sense of home. Therefore, it is important to keep these traditions alive in our communities. The 2014 Farm Bill initiated a movement in Alaska that acknowledges the importance of traditional foods in public facilities, such as in health care and long-term care settings. This movement brought people together statewide who are creating resources, recipes, menus, and donation programs for those in need.

This presentation provides a glimpse into the Alaska Native Traditional Foods Movement to empower attendees to create their own movement for their communities.

Learning objectives:

  • Discuss best practices used to create Alaska Native traditional food programs
  • Learn where to connect with like-minded groups and build relationships based on a deep-rooted belief that food is medicine
  • Learn how to use traditional food resources, such as the National Resource Center for Alaska Native Elders, to create community-specific resources

Have questions for our presenters?

Let us know before the webinar by emailing ltssinfo@kauffmaninc.com.


  • Melissa Chlupach
    Assistant Professor
    Dietetics and Nutrition
    University of Alaska
  • Flora Deacon
    (Athabascan Tribe)
    Indigenous Chef Instructor
  • Thomas Moore
    Assistant Professor
    Communications Specialist
    National Resource Center for Alaska Native Elders