Healthy People 2030 Initiative: Building a healthier future for all

The HHS Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) released the fifth edition of the Healthy People initiative, which builds on knowledge gained over the past four decades to address current and emerging public health priorities and challenges.

Healthy People 2030 sets data-driven national objectives to improve health and well-being over the next decade. It includes 355 core objectives as well as developmental and research objectives:

  • Core objectives are measurable and associated with targets for the decade. They reflect high-priority public health issues and are associated with evidence-based interventions. They have valid, reliable, nationally representative data, including baseline data from no earlier than 2015.
  • Developmental objectives represent high-priority public health issues that are associated with evidence-based interventions but do not yet have reliable baseline data.
  • Research objectives represent public health issues with a high health or economic burden or significant disparities between population groups but they are not yet associated with evidence-based interventions.

The objectives are organized into intuitive topics so information and data can be easily found:

The following tools are available on the Healthy People 2030 website:

The Healthy People Foundation Health Measures, which will be used to evaluate progress, are expected to be released in late 2020.