Telehealth Webinar on September 8: Multi-Presentation Event

Tuesday, September 8, 1-2PM EDT

Part of the Telehealth Practice Innovations During the COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar Series


Telehealth During COVID-19 and Beyond: An Integrative Approach

The first presentation will be from Brooke Yeager McSwain, MSc, RRT, Health Policy Lead at SPROUT, a national telehealth research collaborative. Ms. Yeager will discuss recent telehealth policy expansion and the four telehealth categories.

Telehealth Applications for Post-Acute Residents Before and During a Pandemic

In addition, we’ll hear from Jim Hummer, Vice President for Home and Community Based Services at Lorien Health Services, a nursing home in Maryland. Mr. Hummer will explain how telehealth:

  • Improves communication and care coordination between post-acute and acute care providers
  • Enables specialist and attending physician visits during a pandemic
  • Improves the discharge process for patients into the community

Our Speakers

Brooke Yeager McSwain, MSc, RRT
Health Policy Lead

Jim Hummer
Vice President for Home and Community Based Services
Lorien Health Services