Physician Compare Preview Period: Informational Presentations Now Available

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has posted two new informational presentations focused on the Physician Compare Preview Period that began on June 22 and will close on August 20. The period gives clinicians and groups an opportunity to preview their 2018 Quality Payment Program performance information before it is publicly reported. The performance information is targeted for public reporting on Physician Compare and/or successor website during the fall of 2020. A subset of the 2018 performance information will be displayed on profile pages on the website, and all of the 2018 performance information that meets public reporting standards will be available in the Downloadable Database after the Preview Period. Clinicians and groups can access their 2018 performance information through the secured Preview tool on the Quality Payment Program website.

The pre-recorded presentations are now available on the Physician Compare Initiative page and on CMS’s YouTube channel (Part I and Part II). The first presentation provides background information about Physician Compare and what will be publicly reported, while the second presentation offers clinicians and groups detailed guidance on when and how to preview their data. Both presentations are available on demand so doctors and clinicians can access them at their convenience.

In addition to the pre-recorded presentations, CMS previously posted other informational materials on the Physician Compare Initiative page. The in-depth materials include details about the 2018 performance information for participating clinicians, groups and ACOs collected under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). If you have any questions about public reporting on Physician Compare, visit the Physician Compare Initiative page or contact us at