Implementing Strategies for COVID-19 Surveillance and Early Detection

How should nursing homes approach COVID-19 testing and surveillance for their residents, staff and others who visit their facilities?

National Nursing Home Training Webinar

Through our work with hundreds of nursing homes, the IPRO QIN-QIO, and other QIN-QIOs across the country, are excellent resources for quality improvement expertise and crowd-sourced provider tips. And that’s what Marguerite McLaughlin, MA, senior program administrator, Healthcentric Advisors, and David Johnson, NHA, RAC-CT, senior quality improvement specialist, IPRO, both delivered during their presentation on implementation strategies for COVID-19 surveillance and early detection.

Monthly Infection and Antibiotic Tracking Tool

View our Infection and Antibiotic Tracking Tool that was recently updated for COVID-19 reporting through the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).

Track infections, antibiotic prescribing patterns, days of therapy, prophylaxis use, infection rates (facility-wide and location-specific), and more. One-time entries allow you to generate new data each month.