Suggested Social Media Posts

  • RSV Post:
    Who should get the RSV vaccine? The CDC recommends it for certain high risk groups:
    -Infants 6+ months
    -Adults 60+ years
    -Those with underlying conditions
    -Pregnant women
    RSV is a common respiratory infection that can lead to severe illness in babies, older adults, and vulnerable populations. Vaccination stimulates immune response to prevent infection. Talk to your provider to see if you should get vaccinated against RSV this season. #RSV #WAVE
  • General Post:
    Make “What about vaccines?” your mantra for safety in 2024! Ask about recommended shots at every doctor’s appointment to stay up-to-date. Vaccines help ward off severe illness from COVID-19, flu, and more. Stay safe – never skip a dose! #WAVE
  • General Post:
    Don’t leave your health to chance – ask “What about vaccines?” to protect against top illnesses like COVID, flu, pneumococcal disease, and RSV. Ward off severe sickness this season! #WAVE
  • General Post:
    The #WAVE of immunity keeps older adults safe & strong! Ensure you get recommended COVID boosters, yearly flu shots, pneumococcal vaccinations, and more. Ask about vaccines at every doctor’s appt to stay up-to-date and illness-free!
  • Vax Check Post:
    Time for a #VaxCheck! Safeguard yourself from serious respiratory illnesses this season. Consult your healthcare provider to learn which vaccines can provide the protection you need. Don’t wait – prioritize your health! 💉👩‍⚕️ #StayProtected #WAVE
  • Flu Statistic Post:
    Individuals aged 65 or older bear the greatest burden of severe flu disease, accounting for a large proportion of flu hospitalizations and deaths each season. Let’s prioritize the health of our seniors, especially those living with chronic conditions. 💪💉 #FluAwareness #SeniorHealth #WAVE
  • Vaccines for Every Generation:
    👵👶✨ Vaccines Protect Every Generation! ✨👶👵
    Celebrate the power of protection that vaccines offer across generations. 🌟 Remember to #WAVE and “Ask about vaccines?” at every visit. Let’s keep our loved ones safe and healthy!
    💉👋 #VaccineSafety #EveryGenerationProtected
  • General Post:
    🌬️ Boost Your Defense! Ensure you’re fully protected this respiratory season by asking your healthcare provider for recommendations. Vaccines add essential layers of prevention against severe sickness! 💪💉 #StayProtected #HealthFirst
  • General Post:
    Vaccines are your shield against preventable illnesses. 🛡️ Remember to discuss your vaccine needs with your healthcare provider at your next appointment. Let’s prioritize prevention and keep ourselves and our communities healthy! 💪 #VaccinateForHealth #PreventionIsKey

Suggested Emojis:

  • 💉 Vaccine – Symbolize the importance of vaccines.
  • 👋 Wave – Symbolize “What about vaccines? Every time!”
  • 🧓 Older Adult – Indicate the risk for adults aged 60+.
  • 💪 Flexed Arm – Convey strength and protection against illnesses.
  • 🩹 Band-Aid – Represent getting vaccinated.
  • 📅 Calendar – Emphasize the need for regular updates.
  • 🧑‍⚕️ Healthcare Worker – Highlight the role of healthcare professionals.
  • 🤔 Question Mark – Encourage questions about vaccines.
  • 🏥 Medical Cross – Convey a message about health and safety.
  • 🚫 Prohibition – Discourage skipping vaccine doses.
  • 🎲 Chance – Emphasize the unpredictability of health.
  • 🫁 Lungs – Represents respiratory illness.
  • ⏳ Sand timer – Symbolize urgency.
  • 🛡️ Shield – Symbolize shielding against preventable illnesses.

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