Article: Mobile Apps for mHealth and People with Disabilities

A conference paper presented at the International Conference on Computers Helping People describes data and analysis on the use and unmet needs of mHealth mobile apps by people with disabilities in the U.S.

The paper focuses on several key areas related to user experience in order to map the behavior, interests and needs of people with physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional/ psychological, and speech disabilities.

Evidence suggests that people with disabilities are not well represented in the growth of mobile healthcare because most apps are designed and engineered by and for people without disabilities. This under-representation potentially increases health disparities for this group because they are not able to take advantage of new and effective ways to engage in personal health management.

Seven in 10 doctors and payers believe that mHealth mobile apps will encourage patients to take more responsibility for their health, highlighting the considerable interest and expectations for the technology.

The researchers conclude that concerted and continuous efforts to identify the experiences and needs for mobile health apps by people with disabilities is critical to ensure they benefit from the technology.

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