It’s Worth a Shot

Six Weeks to Boost COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

The Biden Administration has launched a six-week campaign urging Americans to get their updated COVID-19 vaccine. Encouraging Americans to get their updated vaccine will help avoid thousands of preventable COVID-19 deaths, even as people gather together for the winter holidays. 

What Role do You Play?

Nursing homes, hospitals, home health agencies, physician offices and others in the community play a vital role in educating staff, patients, residents and families about the importance of receiving the updated COVID-19 booster, as well as distributing booster shots. As a trusted medical resource, clinical staff provide up-to-date, credible information as well as access to vaccines.

The focus of the administration’s campaign is on seniors and communities most impacted by COVID-19. This puts nursing homes, hospitals and other providers at the epicenter of this initiative. This campaign activates the healthcare workforce to highlight the value of COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments for older Americans. Here are a few ways in which nursing homes, hospitals and community-based providers can participate:

  • Educate your workforce, whom patients, residents and families know and trust, to use every interaction as an opportunity to make strong recommendations to get vaccinated against COVID-19;
  • Educate your workforce to answer questions about COVID1-19 prevention and treatment options;
  • Host on-site booster clinics
  • Provide education to resident and family councils regarding COVID-19 boosters
  • Assess vaccination status as part of admission and discharge process and document in the medical record

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